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In a highly publicized and controversial donor intent case that has been going on for several years, the Maryland Court of Appeals, Maryland's highest court, has issued an Order in which it has refused to hear an appeal brought by a deceased donor's family against...


Writing for Trusts & Estates magazine, attorney David Thayne Leibell reports and discusses the issues associated with a Tennessee Chancery Court's decision to temporarily block the sale by a financially strapped college of a 50 percent interest in an art...

18 Sep 2008 | State Courts | National Publication | News story | 4 comments
NHF Responds to PR Regarding to Split Dollar Suit
The National Heritage Foundation has issued a press release in which it responds to a recent $9 million adverse jury award in a case involving a charitable split dollar plan and announces its plans to appeal the verdict.
12 Sep 2008 | State Courts | National Publication | News story | 1 comments
The McAllen, Texas law firm of Garcia & Martinez has issued a press release announcing a $9 million jury verdict against the National Heritage Foundation in the 404th District Court, Cameron County (Brownsville), Texas. According to the release, National Heritage...
27 Mar 2001 | State Courts | National Publication | News story
PGDC reported on Martin v. Ohio State University Foundation earlier this year, which stated in part that the Foundation settled with the plaintiffs. Subsequently, PGDC requested a copy of the confidential settlement agreement under Ohio law and is now providing the...
26 Jan 2001 | State Courts | National Publication | News story
A New York appellate court, in two separate cases on the same day, upheld the lower court's finding that the trustee of a testamentary charitable lead annuity trust and the trustee of a testamentary non-charitable trust were each negligent for failing to diversify the...
25 Jan 2001 | State Courts | National Publication | News story
An Ohio appeals court remanded to a lower court for trial the issue of whether an insurance agent/financial and estate planner and an insurance company committed fraud in rendering advice surrounding the creation of a charitable remainder unitrust and the purchase of...
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