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Best Practices, Planning Techniques, and Philanthropic Benefits

Charitable giving is under great stress. Donations are down; endowments are down; government grants are down; yet the social needs are greater than ever.

On Thursday, February 25, 2010 at 4:15pm ET / 1:15pm PT, Trusts & Estates and ...

The IRS has announced the dates and locations of the 2010 Tax Forums. The Tax Forums offer three full days of seminars with the latest word from IRS leadership and experts in the fields of tax law, compliance and ethics.
Section 4958 imposes excise taxes on transactions that provide excess economic benefits to disqualified persons of public charities and social welfare organizations. In this article, the IRS discusses when economic benefits received by a disqualified person, which are...
The IRS has issued its Exempt Organizations Continuing Professional Education text for 2004: Organizational Test for IRC 501(c)(3) Organizations. The organizational test requires the articles of organization of exempt organizations to contain explicit statements and...


The IRS has released its Continuing Professional Education text for Exempt Organizations for Fiscal Year 2000 which contains, in part, chapters on unrelated business taxable income, intermediate sanctions, public disclosure...



The IRS has issued an Exempt Organizations Continuing Professional Education Text for the fiscal year 2001. Topics of interest include: Title Holding Companies, Limited Liability Companies as Exempt Organizations, a...

The IRS has released its continuing professional education text for tax-exempt organizations for fiscal year 2002. Of particular interest to gift planners are topics that deal with unrelated business income tax issues, Form 990, and the proposed intermediate sanctions...
NCPG's Government Relations Committee has announced further confirmation of the IRS's attitude toward "spigot" trusts, where a NIMCRUT turns on and off the flow of fiduciary income. The Internal Revenue Service just issued Exempt Organizations Continuing Professional...
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