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Bruce DeBoskey presents a compelling analysis regarding gifts to higher education based on a controversial podcast by Malcolm Gladwell.
13 Oct 2009 | Ethics , | Marketing | National Publication | News story | 9 comments
According to a follow-up article in Forbes, "One of the U.S.'s largest charitable fundraising companies has hastily revamped hundreds of Web pages maintained in the name of individual nonprofits touting gift annuities. The firm has removed questionable references...
1 Oct 2009 | Ethics , | Marketing | National Publication | News story | 7 comments
In a September 29, 2009 article, Forbes reports that "dozens of charities, including some with brand names, have been soliciting gift annuities over the Web citing unlikely high yields and an endorsement from a fake person who is quoted as saying she is...
8 Apr 2004 | Ethics | National Publication | News story | 3 comments
The Maryland Bar Association Committee on Ethics has released an opinion concluding an attorney who chairs a church's legacy committee and prepares wills on a pro bono basis for parishioners who bequeath property to the church would violate State professional conduct...
Ethics, Integrity, And The Heart Of Planned Giving
Do we get so bogged down in the technical aspects and tax benefits of planned giving that we forget why people give in the first place? In this edition of Gift Planner's Digest, University of Denver's Scott Lumpkin reminds us that truly successful gift planners place...
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